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The Sub-Aqua Association

SAA Philosophy

From the very beginning, the guiding philosophy of the SAA has been that, as members, clubs maintain their total independence. Nationally elected officers have little say in the day to day running of clubs. This independence is jealously guarded and remains the prime reason why so many clubs seek to join our Association.

SAA clubs teach new members themselves. The SAA lays down a set of guidelines and standards, which the clubs follow in training and certifying their members. Many people who join us from other organisations may have varying styles of tuition but as long as their training is in line with our standards their programme will be accepted by the SAA.


The SAA training programme has been devised to ensure that the novice moves through the grades of competence in an enjoyable and progressive way, each new level of training building on what has previously been learnt. This means that the novice learns to dive at their own pace, using an extensive system of theory lessons and pool sessions, rather than being pushed to completion in just a few days.


Once they have their medical, novices can start their diver training and when ready will make the transition from pool to the open sea. Naturally, being introduced to open water diving in an area known to be safe will make this as easy and unintimidating as possible.


We encourage our members to welcome all who are interested in taking up diving as a recreation, including the opportunity to partake in a "Try Dive" and watch the club in action.


By training with a club new members will not "learn to dive" in 20 minutes. Most courses are taught over weeks or months. However, in those weeks, they will learn to dive with people they know and trust. Newcomers are assured of a safe and fun introduction to diving in the company of like-minded people who are willing to give their time to ensure the best possible training in a friendly, sociable atmosphere.


SAA Individuality

Today, we find many divers are coming to the SAA because their needs within diving are unfulfilled. Firstly, we have earned a reputation of being the "friendliest divers", no doubt because we have contact with the membership on a day to day basis. The officers are only a phone call or letter away.

Secondly, we pride ourselves in our follow-up training and ancillary courses. By providing these facilities easily to our members, they remain stimulated within the sport and are unlikely to become bored. Members are encouraged by their club Diving Officer to take courses when he feels they are ready to progress or if they show a strong inclination to a particular aspect of the sport.


Thirdly, our membership prices enable those on low budgets the chance to take up diving as a recreation. We welcome disabled trainees and divers provided their medical practitioners are happy, and age is immaterial provided the required fitness test and medical are passed (snorkel training for younger members).


Our slower training system compares favourably with the diving schools. It allows novices time to absorb information and practice the more difficult skills at a comfortable pace matched to their individual needs.


Scuba Diving is a recreation that can be enjoyed by anyone. Offered by a friendly, amateur organisation with a professional attitude, who could ask for anything more?


The SAA is the issuing authority in the UK for CMAS qualifications which are recognised worldwide.

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