Manta Divers is run by the members for the members and is totally non-commercial with everything possible done to keep costs low.


We very much hold to the ethos of 'What you put in, you get out' so if you have an interest or skill you can bring to the club we would love to hear from you....


A modern thinking club with traditional, value for money principals.



Membership is restricted to over 18's

There are Two Levels of Membership:


Full Diving Membership


A member of both Manta Divers and the SAA. A FDM has the full facilities of the club & SAA including; Training, Insurance, SAA/CMAS qualifications and may stand for and vote on Club Officer positions. Additional benefits are Manta Divers Merchandise, Discounted Boat Fee of £25 per dive & retail discounts may also be available.


Associate Membership


This is for members of other clubs / agencies, who wish to dive with us. Including discounted boat fee.


Contact: for your membership pack or to discuss your training requirements.




All divers have to complete a membership form & self declaration medical form and must meet a minimum standard of equipment and training. The club Diving Officer has the right to exclude divers on the grounds of safety/training for some more challenging dives.

All members are to comply with the constitution and rules of the club.

Associate Members are encouraged to have their own diving insurance.





Manta Divers

New Membership





as above

SAA Student Pack



Student / Seniors Concessions



Associate Membership



Pool Training Session



Boat Fee (Members)



Boat Fee (Non-Members)



Training Fees


All in-club training and qualification is provided at NO COST to you by volunteer instructors


There are however some additional expenses costs such as: Pool entry fees, Air and Equipment hire, Dive Site entry fees.


There are also fees for National and Regionally run speciality courses provided by the SAA.


Manta Divers endeavour to be the most cost effective and value for money diver training club


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