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Heroic Battle, Storm or Tragic Accident, many of our local wrecks were the scene of further heroism from the lifeboatmen who went to their rescue. Not least from Norfolk's famous Henry Blogg who's rescue of the crew of the SS Monte Nevoso is depicted above. These wrecks all have their story to be told and their secrets await your discovery!

Dive Sites

When conditions allow there are some superb shore dives on the Famous Norfolk Chalk Reef, this runs along the shore from Weybourne in the west to at least East Runton and is accessable wherever you can walk in and swim!


Most of our diving however tends to be on the wealth of offshore wrecks. From ancient casualties of the trecherous sand banks, through two world wars and more recent victims of collision and foundering, there are hundreds of wrecks within range of our divers.


We have wrecks of all shapes and sizes from Submarines to Trawlers, Small Freighters, Armed Merchantmen, Warships, Oil Tankers, RORO Ferries, Sailing Ships and even one sunk by the Spanish Navy during the Spanish Civil war!

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