Dive Info

If your club is visiting Norfolk.... Contact our Diving Officer for Details of Local conditions, Tides and Launching: diving@mantadivers.org

Dive Info

Diving in Norfolk can be quite a complex operation....


Firstly we dont have any shelter from headlands, islands or bays so any change in weather can quickly change the sea conditions.


The sea here is shallow with usual diving depths between 15-35m so rough weather can stir up sand and sediment making for poor visibility.


Launching of boats is over the beach. This takes time, teamwork and planning to work smoothly.


Strong and complex tides mean that all diving is in 'slack water' windows. Strict timing and dive discipline must be adhered to.


However.... when the conditions fall right the diving really is superb.


Many of our wrecks are in excellent condition with large intact sections and they are not heavily dived like wrecks in more popular regions so there is always lots to see.


There is loads of marine life from Porpoises and Seals to Lobsters and beautiful Nudibranch, fantastic for underwater photographers.


We never said it was going to be easy!.... but it will be the best thing you ever did!



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