The Inclusive Dive Club...

Manta Divers is a small, friendly club where all are welcome; whether you are new to the sport or an experienced diver or instructor.


We aim to build and strengthen ties with all regional diving clubs and independent divers alike, fishermen, other water users and authorities.


Whatever training agency you trained with or even still belong to ...our Affiliate Membership enables you to take advantage of our facilities and take part in our club dives without changing agency.


For newcomers wishing to learn to dive in UK waters, then our Full Diving Membership opens the door to the underwater world by providing safe, comprehensive and progressive training to the high standards expected of a SAA / CMAS affiliated club. Tailored to you and delivered at a pace to suit your commitment we can provide you with the required skills and knowledge.

Diving in Norfolk...?


Our members have dived all over the world, but have a special love for UK diving!


Although more challenging than 'blue' water locations, diving in the UK can be equally spectacular, with beautiful and diverse marine life, reefs and wrecks to rival the worlds best.


Like the UK weather, conditions are very variable and sometimes unpredictable with summer sea temperatures around 17-20c and underwater visibility upto 25m! (other temperatures and visibilities are available!)


Norfolk is no different... with hundreds of wrecks to explore and rare and unique wildlife all waiting for you!


Every summer weekend you will find us at Sea Palling Beach, heading out to sea...


Look at our 'Dive Sites' page to find out more about some of our favourites.


Colourful Local Marine Life

Sponges and Anenomies adorn the wrecks like an oasis of life in a desert of sand...

Engine room machinery on the SS.Dianoman, Haisboro' Sands (North)

The clear but seal infested waters of the Farne Islands!

Red Sea Reef

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